Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ocala April 5th 2008

Friday April 4th 2008 I Tested several axles and setups to get the
right combination for Saturday. I was P1 with a 41.98 in the forth
session - the only Cadet to get into th 41's. all weekend. Saturday
April 5th 2008 we rolled out our best setup and I won pole with a
42.13, .14 quicker than second place. During the three heats I won
the rain race, with two second place finishes by .004 and .005 in
heats one and three. Starting on pole in the first main in the rain, the
car behind me drove over the top of me in turn one, killing the
engineand spinning me out of the race. Starting on pole for the
second main, my visor slammed shut and locked down so it
fogged up and I could not see for 16 of the 18 laps. I drove by
looking for the rumble strips and by memory of the track and
finished third by only .2 second. The Napa/Birel MCR powered
kart performed flawlessly and was an incredible asset to the
finishes accomplished. One win, two second,
one third.

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