Monday, April 28, 2008

Stars of Karting Miller MotorSports April 25 2008

After 6 practice sessions on Friday Andrew’s fastest was lap 1:06.2
and his 2nd fastest lap 1:06.3 which was far quicker then the 2nd
place car whose fastest lap was 1:06.65 and 2nd fastest of 1:07.0

Andrew had the fastest lap time in practice to earn P1 in qualifying
and should have been in the last group out but due to a mix-up on
the grid the fast group was sent out first and Andrew became the
track sweeper. He still managed to put it on pole in the group but
ended up P3 after the second group.

In the first main Andrew knew before the green flag was dropped
that his kart was over stuck to the track and by adapting his
driving style he managed to take a top ten go-kart and take an 8
second lead over 3rd. Despite not having a kart to win the race
Andrew tried to take the lead in the last lap finishing .1 behind
Trent Hindman with an 8 second lead from the 3rd place car and
a 10 sec lead from the 4th place.

Not having luck on Andrew’s side Andrew gridded up for the 2nd
main when the ignition module failed internally making the engine
sound like it was 4 cycling the entire 12 laps causing the engine not
to advance. Andrew was able to lead for 7 of the 12 laps during lap
8 Trent Hindman took the lead and won by .12 in front of Andrew
with Andrew finishing 6.5 second in front of the 3rd place car and
8 sec in front of 4th place.

Andrew was able to change his driving style and maintain a
competitive position even with go-kart problems.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NAPA Auto parts fundraiser March 25 2008

With the help of one of my sponsors NAPA Auto Parts we raised $1,612 through T-shirt sales at local businesses over the past six months. The money was raised for Rancho Damacitas a local charity providing long term and residential services for abused and neglected children from the ages of 6 to 18 and focuses on getting them ready for foster care, reunification, or life on there own. The money was presented on March 25, 2008 at the NAPA part store in Temecula by me to Clifford Nunn of Rancho Damacitas. I plan on continuing the sales of the T-shirts through out the summer and hopes to raise $2000 dollars more for the charity. The T-shirts show a pack of go karts racing and the logo of my race team and are being given away for a $10 donation to Rancho Damacitas.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ocala April 5th 2008

Friday April 4th 2008 I Tested several axles and setups to get the
right combination for Saturday. I was P1 with a 41.98 in the forth
session - the only Cadet to get into th 41's. all weekend. Saturday
April 5th 2008 we rolled out our best setup and I won pole with a
42.13, .14 quicker than second place. During the three heats I won
the rain race, with two second place finishes by .004 and .005 in
heats one and three. Starting on pole in the first main in the rain, the
car behind me drove over the top of me in turn one, killing the
engineand spinning me out of the race. Starting on pole for the
second main, my visor slammed shut and locked down so it
fogged up and I could not see for 16 of the 18 laps. I drove by
looking for the rumble strips and by memory of the track and
finished third by only .2 second. The Napa/Birel MCR powered
kart performed flawlessly and was an incredible asset to the
finishes accomplished. One win, two second,
one third.


I am Andrew Murray I started racing at the age of 5 years old. I won my very first race which has fueled my passion for racing. I race using Birel Karts and with the wonderful help of NAPA auto parts. The class I race in Stars of Karting is the premier and most competitive classes in karting. Racing is my passion and will be my career. I will use this blog to keep people informed on my racing progress and my stats throughout the season .